The Woodford Reserve Bartender's Program: The idea was to get a group of elite bartenders from every major market and turn them into evangelists for the brand.

 We handpicked the top bartenders in large cities (like Dallas) and invited them to a private dinner that included bourbon-inspired dishes prepared by a celebrity chef (like Stephan Pyles) and a tasting of Woodford and its competitors. At the end of the evening these bartenders understood the process of making this fine bourbon, how to serve it, and how to recommend it to the uninitiated.  

These were the invitations to the event. Each invite had a unique code that gave them exclusive access to a section of the Woodford Reserve website "Behind the bar". It was here they could RSVP, gain access to pictures of other events across the country, and it also served as an open forum.

The Book of Bourbon: This is a book I wrote detailing the meticulous process of making Woodford Reserve. These were given to the bartenders who attended the events as a thank you and a reminder of what they had learned.

Most agreed the ending was the best part.
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