This series of print ads gave helpful energy saving tips, giving Florida Power a positive public perception.
HEADLINE: Was Thomas Edison a genius because he invented the light bulb,
or because he turned it off when he left the room?
COPY: Did you know that 90% of an incandescent light bulb’s expended energy isn’t light, but heat? Unattended lights result in wasted energy that powers the bulbs and the A.C. unit that must run to cool things off. Sure, maybe turning off one light bulb won’t make much of a dent in your power bill, but little changes in habits around your house can really add up.
• The thermostat in your body is set subconsciously. The one in your house however, requires a little more thought.
• Shrink your power bill instead of your clothes.
• If an incandescent bulb symbolizes a good idea, a fluorescent bulb must symbolize a great one.
• More ways to save money in the kitchen other than “Mac & Cheese Night”.
• Buying a cheaper appliance can sometimes be very expensive.

HEADLINE: What do you do if the robber in your house is your house?
COPY: Your house is usually the most important investment you ever make in life. But surprisingly, many people lose a lot of money because their homes aren’t very energy efficient. In many cases, minor improvements here and there in making the home more efficient can not only lower energy costs, but can also increase the resale value.
• The best gun for home protection. (Caulk gun)
• Why do A.C. units keep people cool every day of the month except the one when the power bill arrives.
• People store the craziest things in their attics. Excess heat for example.
• Proper insulation not only protects your house, but more importantly, your bank account.

HEADLINE: Having all your windows open in the Spring and Fall really saves on your power bill.
Here's what to do when those two days are over.
COPY: Florida’s summers are long and hot, and your A.C. becomes a large part of your electric bill. There are ways however, of saving money without sacrificing comfort. Some of these tips can save you a lot of money and some just a little, but together they can all add up to a lower power bill.
• Ceiling fans can reverse the spin of their blades. And also the direction of your power bill.
• Money trees do exist. They grow around your A.C. unit.
• Solar gain is great for your tan but not your house.
• It’s not so much the heat, it’s the shower stall.

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