Internal Marketing with a focus on Customer Service.
Today, the most successful businesses understand that their best brand advocates and marketers are already on the payroll. Engaged employees that understand the company's mission and business goals can be the most effective brand ambassadors that can keep and convert customers. 
The work that I have done for AIG involved programs that inform and influence cultural change towards embracing the mission of AIG to be there for its customers in their time of need.
ANSWER THE CALL (An internal awareness campaign)
AIG Shared Service Centers were experiencing a lack of shared coordination, alignment and incentives among Customer Service Representatives and Claims Adjusters when responding to customer calls resulting in an increase in customer complaints (internal and end-users). After research, a campaign was developed focused on customer service that emphasized accountability and responsiveness.
Initially launched in the U.S., its success has prompted a global launch that will be more robust and continue to express the value of excellent customer service.
• Dedicated Answer The Call section of the AIG Intranet
• ePosters
• Motivational Videos
• Monthly series of Customer Service Best Practices
• Recognition program

FNOL EXPRESS DELIVERS (A Rewards & Recognition Program)

FNOL (First Notice of Loss) Express is a division of AIG that processes over 89% of total claims. This high volume had taken a toll on the morale and effected turnover rates in offices worldwide.
In an effort to stimulate more employee engagement, a recognition and rewards program was proposed by first researching and revealing the value and results these programs have, then tailoring a program specifically for AIG.
“FNOL Express Delivers” took the form of a fictitious delivery service that reinforced the mission and values of AIG in a fun and engaging way.
“FNOL Express delivers on the promise of being there when our customers need us most. We deliver on time with accuracy and efficiency. We are dependable, accountable and professional. In short – We deliver.”
• Branded logo
• Prelaunch messaging (It's coming)
• Manager's Orientation Kit (How to run the program in each office)
• Launch Event (Branded delivery van, program materials, and branded wearables)
• Program Webpage
• Post-launch (Stories of award winners, Tips and Best Practices for CX)
• Feedback and Reporting mechanisms
Rewards and Recognition Program Materials
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